Quick & Shine (Qs) 1 ltr

Quick & Shine (Qs) 1 ltr
The all-round quick detailer for all smooth and painted surfaces (vehicle paintwork, painted wood, glass, plastic parts, consoles, painted furniture and musical instruments, stainless steel surfaces, etc.).
Cleans, maintains and preserves in a single step. The surfaces receive a colour deepening and a streak-free, brilliant gloss. Finger marks and light dirt are removed quickly and easily.
The treated parts are conserved and repel water and dirt and are protected from becoming dirty again quickly (lotus effect).
Quick & Shine is quickly removed and is therefore easy to use.
Previously applied veneers or waxes are preserved.
Particularly suited for quick finishing of exhibited goods in showrooms or at fairs, as well as for quick valeting of vehicles.
With Daimler approval.
Framboð: Til á lager
Vörunúmer: 168001
1.720 kr.
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