Acid Shampoo A 30 ltr - Sýru Sápa

Acid Shampoo A 30 ltr - Sýru Sápa
Concentrated acid shampoo for gantry car washes and tunnel car washes with conventional process-water treatment.
The combination of mild acids and foaming surfactants guarantees gentle but thorough cleaning of vehicles, bonds to water-hardening elements, prevents limescale, and neutralises both the vehicle surface and the alkaline process water from the precleaning stage.
Boosts self-cleaning and therefore the service life of brushes. Selected surfactants provide optimum preparation for drying.
Encourages rapid sedimentation of dirt. Limited suitability for biological process-water treatment systems due to phosphate content.
Quick-separating in accordance with ÖNORM 5105.
Framboð: Uppselt
Vörunúmer: 311035
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