Ceramic Allround C0.01

Ceramic Allround C0.01 - Keramíkhúð
Ceramic Allround C0.01 is a ceramic coating which can be used on many surfaces to provide long-lasting protection.
The very thin protective layer permanently bonds to the surface through a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is started by air humidity.
Complete hardening is achieved after approx. nine days. Ceramic Allround C0.01 creates an especially hydrophobic surface with very good beading properties.
Due to the easy-to-clean properties, the treated surface can be cleaned easily and gently by hand. The achieved gloss is retained even after the use of acidic and alkaline cleaners.
The cured ceramic coating thus protects the paint from environmental influences such as UV radiation, road salt, bird droppings and rust, and reduces mechanical damage, thus making a significant contribution to maintaining or increasing the value of the vehicle.
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Vörunúmer: 505001
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