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KABI Electric multipump

Electric pump in PP plastic. 2 mtr. outlet hose and nozzle with ø19mm outlet tube. IP55 enclosure. Two adaptors with Mauser and Trisure thread is included. For 200 ltr. drum and 1000 ltr. IBC tank. The pump is silent in use and easy to transport.

Suction pipe length: 850-1245 mm.
Suction pibe max. diameter: ø48 mm.
Power: 12V DC or 230V AC.
Capacity: 14 l/min.
Operating time: Max. 15 min.
Thread: 2"BSP (M).
Gasket: Viton.
Net weight: 2.4 kg.
Suitable for: AdBlue®, water, anti¬freeze and windshield washer fluid.
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Vörunúmer: 90110200
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