Triple-Acid-Star (Ta) 11 kg

Felgusýra Quatro Star (Qa) 10 ltr
Where other acidic cleaners reach their limits, that’s where Quattro-Acid-Star XL starts.
Extremely powerful acidic special cleaner with a high proportion of hydrofluoric, hexafluorosilicic, hydrochloric and sulphuric acid for steel and undamaged, single piece, acid-resistant painted aluminium rims, extremely weathered truck chassis and tiles in washing bays that no longer have a glaze (protective coating).
Burned in brake dusts, rust bloom, limescale, environmental dirt and other organic dirt are removed extremely quickly and thoroughly practically without any manual cleaning effort.
Extremely dilutable.
Quick-separating in accordance with ÖNORM 5106.
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Vörunúmer: 242011
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